Winning Trends to Boost B2B Lead Generation

Admin Jun 2nd, 2021

Being a marketer, you might have struggled to generate the quality leads for your organization. The ever-growing competition and challenges of B2B environment makes the task more complicated each day than before. Hence, embracing the new techniques in marketing space should be every business plan.

As technology advancement has become a boon for most of the businesses adapting recent trends in the business environment could help to keep updated in the market. The addition of the emerging technologies tools in the marketing strategy reduces the manual effort made and hence results in more profits than anticipated.

Below are few listed winning strategies for lead generation with all the essential things to boost business growth under a single roof.

Content Marketing

For any kind of business, content forms the basis to succeed. A right content at right room can get you more leads than ever imagined. Most of the marketers from big firms have learned what importance does content hold in their business. So, if you want to stay ahead in the competition from your competitors. Integrating this strategy in your business can make you stay ahead. Personalization also plays a vital role in improving both quality and quantity of lead generation.

Hence, create some engaging content for your customers which should always address the problems along with the requirements of the target market. Along with blogging one can include e-books, videos, case studies to boost the campaign value. Placing a call-to-action button could result in gaining more attention from the real prospects which could later be converted into leads.

Influencer Marketing

Though implementing influencer marketing is costly, bit its output are worth the efforts. The overall strategy is to boost organization’s conversion rate and ROI. Even with the micro-influencers one can produce strong audience engagement. According to a research study, up to 20% of the organizations have already obstructed this approach in the B2B space. And if you are not one of them, it is important to partner with the industry influencers to upsurge your lead base.

Social Media Marketing

To boost strong and successful lead generation it is important to have a strong base in the social media platform. As the usage of social media has raised its bars, it is the best way to grasp the attention of end users. With regular posts and tweets many potential leads could be generated. 90% of the marketers have confirmed that social media is essential for their business and product and services.

Social media strategy requires continuous learning of upcoming tools by various platforms. Therefore, if you want to stay in the race and are willing to learn new skills it is important to keep yourself updated with the new strategies.

AI Chatbots

Chatbots are a powerful tool to improve the lead generation. Using the high-level artificial intelligence into the chatbots can make your task easier and save not only time but also effort. As they are designed to perform specific tasks, it can also help in reducing the required number of resources in the team.

A study says,

1. Chatbots have saved $1,000,000 in customer service costs in a year.

2. They are responsible for 60% of the revenue generation

3. 1 in 3 people spoke to chatbot before making a purchase of a product

4. They have answered over 5,000,000 questions every year

This strategy helps all businesses and works best which not only saves time from lengthy campaigns but also results into generating revenue.


If you have a list of prospects who have shown interests in your product weeks ago or months ago remarketing is an important strategy to reach out to those prospects. It is already proved by the researchers that only 2% of the buyers buy your product/service on the first visit. Hence retargeting these prospects will help you gain a large of leads. Red Cow Media says that almost 70% of the buyers are more likely to purchase if you retarget them.


It is essential to keep up with the changing trends to boost the lead generation and embrace the new moves taken by the competitor. An adequate lead generation technique can make a huge difference in business revenue which will result in your focus towards success.

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