Why Salesforce remains an unbeatable product for business growth?

Admin Nov 28th, 2018

Customer’s satisfaction is any business entities’ single most important goal. It can be effectively managed over a Customer Relation Management (CRM) system. But, there is a lot to consider when you are choosing first CRM for your organization or migrating from a different platform.

With a plethora of CRMs available in the market offering functionalities aimed at effective customer management to enhance customer satisfaction, Salesforce is the market leader in today’s era and continues to do so since 1999

So what’s about Salesforce CRM that makes it a global industry leader?
It is the way Salesforce CRM suite basically streamlines and automates your business processes across sales, service, marketing and more, that garnered traction of 5Million active users.

Salesforce was the first to launch a CRM on the cloud and offers applications with the key focus on sales and support for small, midsize and big organizations. Technologically it’s designed to bring simplicity, efficiency, integration to take your business to the next level.

Let us check out what is more undercovers:

Salesforce Services:

Salesforce Sales Cloud – It helps to track customer information and all communication at one place and automates complex business processes. It supports both B2B and B2C w.r.t sales, marketing, and customer support by keeping all information up-to-date and integrates social media and real-time customer interaction through Chatter.

Salesforce Service Cloud – It is a service platform for customer service and support. It helps businesses to solve customer problems anytime, anywhere. Only experienced Salesforce Consulting Companies can help you conclude what suits your business needs. Its services include a live agent, helps personalize service, Live Message, Snap-ins and deliver support to customers faster.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud – It is the #1 marketing platform which helps to personalize consumer engagement at scale; integrate every touchpoint across marketing, advertising, sales, service; market smarter with AI; and build a comprehensive view of 1-to-1 customer journey across channels.

Community Cloud – It connects and collaborate with customers, employees, and partners and transforms the way you engage with them. Salesforce has expanded and helps build a community which is critical for your business, from agents to distributors, to partners and, to the customers. It provides a platform for customers to help themselves, enhances customer relationships by allowing customers to interact with each other, allows partners to connect and increase sales, and helps drive employee productivity.

Einstein Analytics – For CRM it’s the first comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed to boost business growth and productivity by providing up-to-date views of customers and potential clients. It helps in exploring data from internal and external sources in predefined apps and dashboards, getting AI-powered predictions and stop issues before they arise.

Salesforce Platform – Apps built in within Salesforce platform empowers businesses to build ultimate experiences around the customer. You can customize and extend your CRM solution with myLightning tool. With the AI-powered built-in app for employees, you can automate business processes and provides a consolidated view about customers.

Salesforce IoT – It connects the Internet of Things with the Internet of Customers. It is a platform that turns data generated through various sources – customers, agents, partners into meaningful action. Sales IoT allows users to process massive data, add customer context to it and develop meaningful interactions with customers in real time.

To Summarize

Salesforce platform and technology provides endless possibilities and great potential for business growth. All you have to do is hire the right Salesforce Consulting provider among various Salesforce Consulting Companies offering CRM services as mentioned above. Ultimately collaborating with a Salesforce consulting provider should result in elevating your business to the next level.