Why is marketing automation so important in today’s world?

Admin Nov 16th, 2018

Marketing automation enables businesses to automate tasks and workflows for the market. Its pronounced benefits are seen in marketing and sales process primarily. “Marketo” is an example of automated marketing business. The process includes prospect and customer profiling, lead scoring, sending automated personalized emails and web recommendations to support the lead nurturing and customer engagement.

This integrated solution enables the companies to identify and nurture prospects using highly personalized, and valuable content based on their online behaviors. This helps to convert these prospects into sales-ready leads. It aids to turn those customers by enhancing the lead nurture process and prospect engagement to deliver a reduced lead cycle and up to 53% increase in the ROI.

Functioning of marketing automation is in a defined way. It attracts prospective base through content and promotions. These customers are converted to regular visitors by contact management and landing page call to action forms. The lead scoring and nurturing turn them into potential customers. The success is finally guaranteed and a report showing the analytics dashboard is framed.

The automation market is growing at a rapid pace and Marketo Customers are able to stay competitive with automation support. In such a scenario, marketing automation is a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate and measure marketing tasks. This helps them to increase operational efficiency and grow their revenue faster.

As per the graphs and trends, 92% companies lose their money every month because they ignore automated marketing. A full quarter of companies that adopt marketing automation boost revenue between 30 and 49 percent. According to a new study by RazorSocial’s Ian Cleary, another 20% of companies see a revenue jump between 15- 30 percent.

5 pros and cons of Automated marketing model:

1.Increased qualified leads: businesses that use automated marketing to nurture their prospects see a 451 % increase in highly qualified leads.

2. Too much complexity: one in four marketers still find this method complex and tardy. They find it difficult to operate and work efficiently.

3. Track efforts: companies with marketing automation operations are 36% more likely to track their marketing efforts to multiple touchpoints.

4. Advanced assets: only 38% of marketers that use marketing automation have used advanced assets like progressive profiling.

5.Goals: Marketers use marketing automation to generate higher quality leads and to increase their turn over.

An apt conclusion would be that through marketing automation can be complex, when used correctly, it can be valuable. There is no point making excuses for not using it.

What does it do:

1.Build targeted lists

2.Execute the campaign

3. Measure email/website behavior and activity

4. Segment based activity and score leads

5.The qualified route leads to CRM

6.Moves warm leads to nurture cycle.

7.Analyze marketing/ sales performance.

The dynamic duo of Marketing automation and CRM platforms are complementary to each other. They are like a match made in heaven! While MA helps with reaching out to the right people, CRM aids in handing off from marketing to sales.

A perfect strategized business must invest both in CRM and marketing automation.

“Marketo” is the best marketing automation tool. It is a software company which is based on account-based marketing. It is a SaaS platform for a series of functions like lead tracking, website personalization, Social marketing, Search engine optimization, lead nurturing etc. Be among the prospective customers to enhance your revenue and business. This platforms is mainly used by the MSME companies to speed up their profits. It offers customized products for the industries.