What B2B need to know about chatbots

Admin May 24th, 2021

Technology has always driven our imagination. One such example is AI injected chatbot, which has turned idea of virtual customer into reality within on time. Most of B2C is consumed by it presently and soon is expected to cover the majority of B2B industry. There are many brands who are using this solution and are working on creating some great experiences. There still are organizations which are yet to implement this idea in their businesses.

So, to which tech giant do you belong? Have you installed them in your B2B site or are still looking forward to? If not, you still have time to install them in your B2B site. Instead of directly leaping into the execution phase, one needs a well-drafted plan with thoughtful approach along with some recommendations before implementing a chatbot. We have listed few essential things to gain substantial returns from this intelligent system.

Learn your Objectives

Various types of chatbot in the market can be found today. Therefore, knowing the main reason or objective to implement a bot on the website is important for any kind of business. Such as,

1. Improving the experience of the user

2. Connecting to the new generation

3. Operating costs reduction

4. Opening new service or platform

To identify the ideal goal of implementing it, you can discuss with your team. This will not only help the team to develop the right chatbot but also help to trace the conversation flow which will help in creating the metrics based on the real input. Once the objectives are defined, start with a roadmap, and highlight the priorities of the task. Based on this report, an ideal chatbot can be built for your organization.

Know your Audience Well

To serve a person well, it is important to know them. Likewise, before designing any chatbot for your business, it is important to have a clear idea about your potential customers, clients, distributors, or others who so ever is interested in the brand. It helps in personalizing the users experience which may otherwise result in annoying or bad experience to the person communicating with the bot. Also, it is a best practice to centralize the customer service information so that the conversation is not repeated with human representative after typing it in detail to chatbot.

Learn about the Latest Trends

To understand the latest or current trends in the market more focus should be given on data and its analysis by the businesses. This helps to create some space and help them in knowing the customers and their varying interests in different products in the competitive environment. With the help of this data, an exceptional experience to the users can be provided by the businesses. Moreover, understanding the trends used by the competitors can help in identifying more what is going in the niche market.

Prioritize the User Experience

Implementation of the bot will become the worst decision if this tip is not followed. Always define the personality of both the bot and the users in its initial stage itself. Identify how the user is coming to your website and what information are they expecting from you or your services. The bot must be programmed in such a way so as to revolutionize the experience of the customer. 24/7 attention should be provided with the quick resolution to the queries with friendly interaction. A good conversation and user experience can lead to increase the chances of business.

Set the Right Expectations

Set the right expectations and make it clear to the users, when are they speaking to a chatbot and when are they speaking to a human. This could make a positive influence towards your brand.


Implementing a chat to your business is a good start to any business. A research report by Gartner says that around 50% of the enterprise companies are expected to spend more on the bots or chatbot creation which will help in major operational costs. As per Juniper Research, almost USD 8bn by 2022 will be reduced by the chatbots. This makes more sense now why B2B brands are implementing this technology slowly in their websites.

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