Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate & Drive Sales

Admin Jul 29th, 2021

The conversion rate of an average website is just over two percent. This means that only two out of hundred people will act on your brand or products who visit your website. Now think how much efforts and money you need to spend to get those hundred prospects to your website. There are ways to increase conversion rate but before that you need to work on the strategies which one to work on and which not to.

Below are few top conversion rate tips which can help you and your brand to bump the numbers up.

1. Personalization

2. Add social proof

3. Use pop-ups

4. Optimize headings

5. Update last high-converting pages

6. Website Personalization

When we say personalization, it means using data about the visitors coming on your website and taking actions on their actions taken on your website. Brands that use personalization have reported an increase in the conversion rates. The best part is one can use as much as or as little as you want for your brand. There is no limit to the use. You can keep it simple by using custom pop-ups or by recommending relevant content based on the action taken by the user on your website.

Add Social Prof

Adding social prof can make the current buying customer know that people have used your product or services which can boost the conversion rates by 15 percent or more. Adding reviews below every product video or picture can help people feel more confident about their purchase. Adding the logo of the brands who have already used your product or are currently using it can establish trust.

Use Pop-ups

Adding a pop-up might increase the conversion rate by 114 percent. But simultaneously it hides the content behind it. Few tips to increase the conversions with the pop-ups without annoying your new visitors can be:

1. Make the pop-up easy to close

2. Reduce the form fields so that they are easy to fill

3. Use the pop-up when a specific task is completed by the user

Optimize Headings 

A study says, somewhere between 60-70 percent of the internet users only read headings. In fact, Upworthy accidentally published a headline with no article in it which went viral in just a few hours before it was taken down as 2,000 people commented and argued — from the heading alone. There are people who will read your content, but there a majority of do not.

This means your headline must be great along with optimized catchy titles to improve your conversion rates.

Update Last High-converting Pages

There is nothing that stays same in the marketing, everything changes. Google updates its algorithm, user preferences change, and the technology gets updated. What worked last won’t work this time. Use Google Analytics to compare the highest converting pages. Once the list is generated, make a plan to update them according to the stats.

Make sure you:

a. Add new stats

b. Optimize headings

c. Add new internal links

d. Check page speed

e. Update outdated content

Updating outdated content can increase the organic traffic and double the lead.

Final Thought

There is no right way to increase the conversion from the website but this can get you the reach which in results will make conversions at the end for your business.

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