Ways to Filter Your Buyer Intent Data with Packed Data

Admin Jul 29th, 2021

No one ever has said, I wish I had more low-quality leads. Focusing on the leads which are of low-quality can be catastrophic to account-based marketing, resulting into business cost, and time waste of sales representatives. It is important to generate business to business leads from buyer intent data. But not all the buyer intent data you get is of high-quality. If you want to convert your leads into your paying prospects or customers, it is important to segment your leads or market into smaller lists which is more accurate as per your buying criteria.

Do you know why?

1. Because lead generation allows you to personalize B2B marketing campaigns

2. Helps in reducing churn rate

3. Align marketing and sales messages

4. More qualified leads for sales outreach

5. Determine key accounts for ABM

So, your next concern would be, how do you filter your buyer intent data?

Packed Data allows you to optimize your lead lists with custom feeds, using a series of popular filter types.

1. Register Yourself and create a free account at Packed Data Exchange

2. You will see a dashboard which has filter sub-navigation tab. Start adding filters as per your requirement of database.

3. Once you sub-navigate according to your requirement of data wait for a few minutes. The platform will pull out the data as per your customized requirement.

4. Total number of leads as per your customized requirement will be shared on the screen, based on which you can take a decision how many leads are you looking for. There is no minimum purchase limit.

5. Once you finalize the number, it will lead you to the checkout for payment.

6. After the payment is received, you need to sit and relax, and our team will return with the data file to you within 24-48 hours.

7. Now that you know how to create a Packed Data Exchange custom feed, let us take you through the top feed filters you can use to segment your buyer intent data.

Filter 1: Technology

Technology allows you to set criteria to receive only relevant leads from a particular technology you are looking forward. For example, if you select CRM under technology filter it will show all the data leads of CRM.

Filter 2. Company Name

If you are looking to segment buyer intent data by specific companies you want to track, you can search with the name of the company.

Filter 3. Website

This filter allows you to set criteria to receive relevant leads only from a particular website of an organization.

Filter 4. Country

Based on your requirement for any niche market you planning to target, with our packed data exchange platform you can select the country/countries. The data extracted will show the number of countries.

Filter 5. State

Once you have selected a country and want to filter more based on state requirements our packed data exchange platform can help you to do that. The data extracted will show the numbers from the states of that country.

Filter 6. Zip Code

If you want to get more niche with your research and are looking for only a particular zip code, type the zip code in the box and the research results will be seen.

Filter 7. Industry

This filter allows you to set criteria to receive relevant leads only from a particular industry. This can also help you understand about the industry that from which industry the maximum leads are coming from.

Filter 8. Company Size

Segmenting by company size allows you to view leads based on the employee count. This will help you understand more about mid-size or enterprise companies based on product pricing or features offerings.

Filter 9. Annual Revenue

Segmenting by annual revenue allows you to view leads based on revenue.

Therefore, segmenting your buyer intent data is essential for developing lead lists with high-quality and we Packed Data Services can help you out with accurate datasets as per your requirements for our business.

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