Trigger B2B Emails by Utilizing Behavioral Data

Admin Jul 29th, 2021

To motivate the purchasing decision of customers various email marketing strategies can help in building engagement as well as gain trust to offer essential information regarding your services and products. However, by sending a single email message to the user will not work. It is foremost important to understand how your prospects interact on your site. Only then you will be able to give them personalized experience.

Marketing campaigns are developed using behavioral data which tends to generate higher ROI with automation or autoresponders resulting in 73 percent more open rates. Which is four times higher than generic emails, and 153 percent more click-through rates are generated through triggering emails which higher than standard emails. Based on the behavioral data of email campaigns will make you understand what your clients need which will help you determine when and what to market to them. This will allow to deliver in-depth content regarding your services and product to your users. Behavioral triggers help in understanding the online actions taken by your visitors which will help in resulting better insights and analysis.

Below is how you can trigger B2B email by leveraging behavioral data:

1. Lead Nurturing Emails

Let a lead be a lead and reach out to them after they fill up the form and their actions show that they are interested in your products and services. A webinar attendance can help in triggering nurturing leads.

2. Customer Satisfaction Email

Sending the email to your customer after the business deal and product can let your clients know how they can connect with your customer support about your brand product and services. Also, it is important to give your customers time about understanding your brands product and services. Asking for recommendations can also make them feel about how you have been continuously trying to offer better products and services. No customer feedback can affect the company’s growth.

3. Post-Purchase Emails

Customers share their email addresses when the order is confirmed by them. The order-receipt emails can be used for promoting via reaching out to them personally. For more effective approach towards customer focusing on transactions can help in more returns.

4. Upcoming Purchase Emails

Customers who make recurring purchases and reorder regularly, sending upcoming purchase emails can make these customers reorder from your brand. Expiring contracts or subscriptions can also be triggered through such emails. It is important to show your client that their loyalty is being valued. And an email can serve as a great way to restate the loyalty program. And to encourage upsells discount coupons can be offered to the prospects.


Once the accurate behavioral data is accumulated with corresponding triggering, you can carry out the campaign along with the offers by grabbing the attention of your customer. Integrating website or platform with a dedicated email service provider can grab attention of the prospects.

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