Top Reasons which lead to loosing Email Subscribers – How to fix it?

Admin May 17th, 2021

No matter how good your email marketing is, people are going to unsubscribe from your email list. It is impossible to retain 100% of your subscribers.  The average unsubscribed rate is between 0.19% and 0.52% per email sent. This means whenever you will send an email to around 2000-person list, you are bound to lose on an average 4 to 10 customers.  So, if eight emails are sent in a month, minimum of 30 subscribers to even 80 will drop out from your subscription. But it is not always bad to lose a few, make sure you are losing the right ones.

Let us dive into what causes people to unsubscribe and what strategies should be opted to not lose people from your list.

Here are few reasons why people unsubscribe:

Too many emails from you

Nothing can be done about the people who unsubscribe from your mailing list, because they feel like they are getting too many emails from you. In that case examine your email marketing frequency. The correct frequency is impacted by size of product catalog of your industry to the content quality.

If you see unsubscribe rate high the first step is to cut back the frequency of your email. Second, choose an opt-down option. When people sign-up they really want to hear from you. Hardly 10% say they never want to hear after subscription. Giving an opt-down option will give them a chance to stay on the list, with less frequency.

 Irrelevant emails

Irrelevant content is also one of the major reasons why people unsubscribe from the mailing list. To avoid sending irrelevant emails there are two important techniques which can be used in email marketing one is segmentation and the other is personalization.

When we say personalization, it means putting subscribers name on the subject line while making them feel that this thing is for you followed by their interests, preferences, and purchase history. For this kind of personalized emails, is where segmentation comes. Segmentation can be done in different ways to make sure the email reaches the exact targeted options. For example, if sending advertising emails to females make sure you send them female clothing only.

Boring and Repetitive Bad Content

Ideally your subscribers would be happy to receive an email from you in their inbox if it is funny, valuable, informative, or helpful for them. But when they see it is none of these they prefer to unsubscribe from the list. To avoid this, have a particular reason for sending an email. For example, announcing a sales offer, new features as per their previous interest or even weekly newsletter filled with the original content.

Beyond this, even email marketing calendar can help a lot to shoot off emails. Sending an email on holidays, even non-traditional holidays is a good opportunity to send an email.


The major reason why user unsubscribe from your mailing list is because majority of businesses focus only on their business needs not on customers need. Being a part of eCommerce business, you need people to come and spend money at your store. The ultimate goal has to be how to drive customers to the store because at the end your product is a genuine need in their life.

This concludes back to segmentation and personalization – which means advertising the right products to the right person. Focus more on knowing and celebrating with your customer rather than selling and determining how you can be a regular part in their life.

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