Technographic Data for B2B Marketers

Admin Feb 11th, 2021

A wide range of tactics are used by the Marketers to grab the attention of their potential prospects towards their products and services. One such is Technographic data that acts as a complementary to the other approaches in the market which helps the businesses to reach their target quickly. Technographic is nothing but all about understanding and knowing your customer better through an in-depth analysis of their technology stack. It includes-

a.) The core software and hardware stack of an organization

b.) The location in which your clients have installed the technology

c.) Installation time

As demographics are used to target people using their numerical characteristics such as age or income and firmographics are used to target the prospect based on the company’s data such as company size, revenue, and location. This is generally used to target the clients at various regions across the globe. Similarly, technographic is all about targeting the people on the basis of technology they use. With technographic data one can understand the details of software and hardware an organization is using. The importance of segmenting the data based on technology has made it easier for organizations to target the specific niche.

Technographic data plays an important role in every B2B sector today. It not only talks about the technical knowledge about your customer, but also gives you an idea about whether your clients are ready to spend more on it and other reasons which are not associated to the technology. The more you spend on examining the data; the more you get a clear picture of organizations moving in their cloud journey.

With this data you can build to aim in determining which companies are most likely to purchase a cloud in the coming months and will also help in understanding the clients pain point, identifying the B2B marketing approaches and many more.

How Sales can be Improved with Technographic Data?

1. Clearer Targeting

Every organization wishes to focus only their possible customers instead of spreading the message to all the audience. A lot of strategies are required to do so. But technographic data helps reach the right audience and improve the profits considerably in a short period.

2. Notified Discussions with Clients

As stated above technographic data helps you provide you the information related to your target audience of specific technology they use. With this they can understand more about buyer’s persona and have a profound conversation with the clients.

3. Customer Retention

Identifying customers need and interests with the help of technographic data can be done faster. It helps in understanding the pain points of the customers which results in coming up with personalized solution for individuals resulting in making them feel valued. The happy the prospect feels, the more chances are they will stay along with you.

4. Know your Competitors Well

Understanding and knowing your competitors is as important as understanding your client’s persona. This can help you understand the strategies your competitor is using to target their customers. Based on the information you can work on the strategies to target your prospects.

5. Increase your Ad Spend

One can instantly find the opportunities lying across with the help of technographic data. The companies who have already started using this data understood that their market is 4 to 5 times greater than they had anticipated. This data let them improve the sales value easily.

The organizations who are still not using technographic data in their day-to-day business operations, they are missing out on business transactions the data can bring to them.

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