Social Media Tips to try for Your Business

Admin May 24th, 2021

Social media organizations have understood the importance they play in business space. To support this statement, they keep innovating themselves with new features and tools on regular basis targeting the business need and market. If you are a B2B marketer and wish to reach maximum number of audiences through social media platforms, it is important to be aware of the new changes and update them time to time.

Below are some necessary social media strategies to stay ahead in the marketing space from your competitors.

Go Live with Guests or Influencers

To reach a large number of audiences for your business, use Instagram’s split screen format to go live with the guests. This content is made visible in the stories section with two circles instead of one. One of the most recommended features on social media platform for marketers to speak as well as promote their product. This can be done by inviting your loyal customers, product partners, or any influencers to go live with you.

So, before going live it is always advised to practice with the content for collaborative broadcast. If a higher number of audiences engages in your live event and receives maximum likes, your video will end up in the Instagram explore tab which will give it further lift.

Audio for Facebook Video Contents

While uploading various brand promotional videos on Facebook page, adding music to it could increase the reach with more engagement. Facebook’s video editing tool “Sound Collection” has thousands of high-quality audios that are royalty free and free of charge. The marketers do not have to worry about copyright issues and investment. So, from now onwards stop using a someone else’s soundtrack and instead add a right soundtrack to make videos look more authentic.

Let your Best Stories stay Permanently on Instagram Profile

If you have posted best story on Instagram, make it visible on your profile permanently on story highlight which in result will showcase your brand story in your story page without deleting it. The highest performing stories or essential stories can be saved in the page permanently. These can be organized freely according to date, theme, and other factors.

Share a Piece of Advice in LinkedIn

To make your business sound professional, it is good to share some advice on a platform like LinkedIn where a wide range of potential prospects can be targeted. It is the best place to showcase your skills or knowledge irrespective to your brand or product or anything which could affect the market. The Career Advice feature is one such tool which can make your task easy to reach maximum people.

It also allows you to connect well with other business professional from the same domain which will not only help in building relationships but also in mentoring. So, if you have any skilled expert or professional in your team who can share their knowledge on this platform, ask them.

Show how you care for Social Cause

Social Media is the best platform to showcase any concerns, be it social cause. While you are doing some productive work for your society why not share it on social media platforms. Taking a bold step to fight any social injustice could show care from your customers that how much you care for it. The more you participate in supporting social cause, the more trust you gain from your customers around. This will make them feel that you care for real not just for promoting brand in social media platforms.

Automate All Promoted Tweets

Twitter has a feature called as “Promote Code” where you can execute automated ad campaigns. In this Twitter will automatically pick your tweets and amplify the best ones on your page. This will drive more visitors on your page and attract new followers even if you are running short of time. The only thing to be done is to create the best tweets and the rest can be handled by the Twitter.

Feature Your Brand on Pinterest

There is a good chance to expose your brand to a wide audience if you have featured your product on this platform. Along with online business, this has also digitalized people’s life in many ways. With minimum effort you can show your brand in the best platform.


To engage users well social media is the best powerful tool to make the maximum reach by adding new stuff to the strategy. Hence in this virtual world, if you do not want to lose your voice integrating of new strategies can get you more with less efforts.

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