Smart Ways to Gain more customers with data-driven marketing

Admin Jun 2nd, 2021

If you talk about today’s buzzword it is data, and the trend of the era is data-driven marketing. Internet of Things (IoT) has made the data easily available today. The shifts in the shape of marketing are one of the reasons why many marketers are jumping on trend of data-driven marketing. Huge changes in the marketing ways have been brought in as we breathe in the new digital space. Marketing now is more customer-centric and buyers have become more IoT-empowered to deliver better customer experience.

Below are few brilliant ways to drive a data-driven marketing strategy for better engagement and more customers:

Identify and Divide Buyer Personas into Groups

If you have a lot of data heaped in your company records and are ready to go ahead to apply to your next multi-channel marketing campaign, ask these few questions to yourself:

1. Who are your buyer personas?

2. What multi-channels they are more likely to use?

3. What are their needs, challenges, and goals? In short how much do you know about them?

Once you have a clear idea about the above questions, divide your customers according to the above data into groups. Always remember each buyer have different persona and will tend to have different buying style. The need and goal of your prospect will vary from one to another. So, targeting each one with same marketing strategy will not work. Digging to last customer buying behavior, and on-site preferences will help you understand the buying behavior of prospects.

Landing Pages are most Important

The most important part of your website is the landing page, as these get you most of the customers. It is important to apply customer-data to the landing pages. Through landing pages give an option of using various search terms related to services or products. Through this data you can get an idea of how many visitors interact with your landing pages, different type of visitors and which landing page is most popular.

Email Marketing Strategy

Pin-pointing the behavior of the user is counted as a success and when it comes to email marketing, the relevance of user’s behavior becomes a must. With the help of customer data predictive analysis can be done which can result into informative insights. It is one of the most useful practice wherein marketers predict about the actions of the buyer’s behavior and which strategies can help these buyers complete a buying process.

So, understand the preferences of your prospects with the help of data and segment them based on their needs. With a proper email marketing strategy, there are higher chances of converting the receivers into your customers.

Website with Best UX

Leveraging the power of your company, data-driven marketing strategy is one of the best ways. Your website is the mirror of your brand. If it delivers an engaging user-experience you will get better number of customers. And failing so can result in losing the ones which exists.

Therefore, pay attention to the website. Its data will help you reach the maximum prospects. Try to give the solution to the prospect through your website. Focus on:

1. Engaging content that fulfills the needs of the buyer

2. Website design

3. Call-to-action are must to make them click

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