Skills every Email Marketing Manager needs to have!

Admin Jun 21st, 2021

Everyone know that a traditional email marketing strategy works the best when it is implemented appropriately. But have you ever thought of what skills does an email marketing manager possess to succeed in his daily business activities? To reap the maximum benefits from the marketing strategy, it is important to have an expert who can systematically guide the team. So, to be a successful marketing manager it is important to master few skills in this area.

Below are few listed marketing skills to be an expert:

Keep Your Clients Engaged More Often

It is easy to get many customer bases through email marketing but retaining them through continuous user engagement has always been a concern of the marketers. Having a big list of the users can give you a temporary happiness, but a healthy relationship with a small number of clients can result into wonders for your business. The more engagement made with the emails and business activities gives more chances of opening your email and doing business with you.

To keep your clients engaged:

1. Send personalized emails

2. Make them feel special by announcing best deals to them personally

3. Do not send emails everyday

4. Special offers for your clients

Know More About Your Customer

You might have a large customer base but knowing and understanding them on a personal basis helps in long-lasting relationship with each one of them. Segmenting your customer list can help you understand about the customer needs. Segmentation can be done based on various factors such as job title, geographic location, revenue and many more. Apart from these you can also segment the list based on the behavior of the user such as:

1. Prospect who replies to your email

2. One who opens your email

3. Opens email but do not click on links shared

4. Prospects who click on the link but do not convert

After the segmentation is done send the highly targeted emails which matter the most. Also, according to researcher’s, segmentation has helped improve the open and click rates resulting into revenue returns.

Deliverability Rate is Important

The real phase of the email marketing begins after building the list. List with high deliverability rate will help you in succeeding in revenue returns. Below are few tips to achieve maximum deliverability rate:

1. Do not Spam

2. Add relevant content to the email

3. Comply with GDPR standards

Keep your mailing list hygienic throughout. Verify the emails if sourced from third-party. Delete inactive subscribers from the mailing list and always mention the unsubscribe link in your email body to keep out the inactive users.

Do Not Forget Social Media

Do not ignore the power of social media, it can do wonders for your brand. It will not help you in building the brand value but also help in making best email list. Information about prospects can be collected from different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Use social media platforms to share your thoughts or promote your products or services. Invest more time in learning the new features on the online apps to reap more yield.

Automate as Many Things as Possible

With the advancement in the technology, the organizations have integrated automated tools for their business. Try to utilize the benefits of the technology before you run out of time and budget. Since these tools can help you save extra burden. Invest in tools or software that automates your everyday task for below actions:

1. Add Call-to-action button in the email

2. User viewing website or blog

3. Addition of new subscriber to list

4. User clicks of ads

This will result in boosting the return rates.

Build the Best Email List

Building the list will form the foundation of your business success. To be a successful email marketing manager, you must be aware of list building sources. Below are listed few to utilize for building email list:

1. Blogging

2. Social media

3. Giveaways

4. Webinars

5. Forms

6. Pop-ups

If you do not have above skills, you can always improve. Implement the steps mentioned above and try experimenting new things to be your best.

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