Optimizing Customer Quality with Email Lead Scoring

Admin May 10th, 2021

Do you see slow turn out through your email campaigns lately?

Do you need a powerful tool to improve click-through conversions and clicks in your marketing toolkit? Did email lead scoring came to your mind? Scoring email leads is a unique way to rank your subscribers based on the information you know about them and their behaviors.

How to set up an Email Lead Scoring System

One of the best ways to improve your rate clicks and turning into conversions is Email lead scoring. Below is an easy example of a simple email lead scoring system:

1. Action on the email – 2 points

2. Multiple visits to website or email – 2 points

3. Action on website – 5 points

4. Guide or eBook download – 5 points

5. Action on store – 10 points

6. Abandon cart at checkout – 20 points

Automated emails can be set up for example if someone downloads a guide from the website and adds to the cart, but later abandons the payment. The score of this person goes to 40 points. Send an invite to come back with a discount code or free shipping offer. This is one of the ways to scoring leads which can result in conversion rates.

Increasing the engagement process

One cannot deny the fact that customer engagement is the key to success. Marketers have implemented different techniques to improvise this process across the world, but only few are successful. This is because only few websites result in good engagement with the prospect. For example, Wayfair, an e-commerce company keeps its audience engaged by recommending the products they have seen before. This technique helped the customer to stay for a longer period on the website and end in resulting in some turn outs.

Email content aligning with the subject line

To gain more faith in your brand the email content must align with the subject line or the recipient might feel cheated. It might also result in losing trust and interest in your brand. So, try to make the body content in continuation of the subject line in the email which will result in making your recipient read the email and make them perform the action you planned.

Scoring by demographic data

An effective attribute for obtaining scores is demographic data which includes (age, sex, location etc.) Have a look of the demographics of your regular buyer, and accordingly spend more on the products and services.

Location based email marketing is seen effective for the organizations that have local appeal, and it is considered to be one of the most commonly used targeting methods.

Industry Rating

Do you have an industry that routinely spends more than others? Scoring by industry allows you to rank to the most lucrative industries higher than the industries that may not spend much.


To improve the quality of leads, a marketer must optimize its marketing practices. With the time-constraint and many options in the market you must grab the opportunity when your customers land up on your website.

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