Lead Generation Strategies for SaaS Companies

Admin May 10th, 2021

With increasing competition, the customers these days are no longer swayed easily by flashy advertisements. But instead spend over 57% time doing online research before reaching out to the final decision. Focusing on developing a lead generation strategy is something one need to focus on to reach out to customers.

How do you define a lead?

A lead is a person who has shown interest in your services and products. However, he or she has not made any purchase, which means that you will have to guide and educate them so that they become your customer. And once they become your customer, you need to take care of them very carefully. As said “If you don’t take care of your customers, your competitor will”

While it is crucial to watch out for the strategy of your competitor, it is far more important to focus on your lead generation process. Making a right marketing approach could effectively guide the process on the right track. Remember, this is just not you, but many other SaaS companies alike you face this challenge of generating quality and a good number of leads for their process. As per Gartner, 72% of the businesses are spending at the same rate and accelerated the software’s purchase amidst the pandemic.

Therefore, as a marketer, it is important to understand the current ecosystem of the lead generation market.

As per below image, the lead generation ecosystem includes generating leads from social sites, search engine, display networks, referral sites, and others.

In 2020, total SaaS market was USD 157bn and the high-performing SaaS start-ups were Shopify, CompStack, Setapp, NetCrumb, Docurated, CoSchedule, among others. This likely shows that SaaS ecosystem would grow significantly. So, it is important for the organizations to adopt the best lead generation strategies.

Below are top lead generation strategies for SaaS companies:

Audience Segmentation

To reach the best and relevant customers for your business, audience segmentation is important. Segregate the customers of large enterprises and target them accordingly. Company size will also make a huge difference in finding out the best audience. This will help as the well-established organization with more resources are likely to invest more in purchasing a specific product and service which could result in long-lasting relationship and turning into more deals closure.

Lead Quality

No leads can result into blunders for any business. In the hunt to generate more leads, the quality of leads is overlooked by the marketing representatives so that they can generate the right sales and revenue for the organization.

Remember, only 27% of the total generated leads are the ones who are willing to be your customer and out of those only 2% result in actual prospects who choose to go with your product and services. Therefore, it is highly essential to generate leads that matter.

Add Webinars in Marketing Strategy

29% of the respondents said that webinars are also one of the useful lead generation marketing strategy. Though it lags email marketing and content marketing, but still cannot be ignored as it becomes easier to communicate with SaaS customers specially. The best thing about webinars is that not only mid-level executives are a part of it, but even C-level executives want to be a part of it where they can learn and grasp more about new technologies and developments in the business world. Which likely means if they like your technology there are higher chances of getting your product or service to them.

Webinars are important as they help educate your customers and share real-time experience. 93.5% of SaaS organizations offer webinars in which almost 86% of them implement it as demos for their products and services.

Right Keyword Research

To execute the right keyword research, you need to think like a customer. What are they thinking and what specific product or service they would be searching for?

Hashtags are mostly used for short term promotion in social media. Therefore, try to find what influencers, C-level executives along with other decision makers are expressing, how are they reacting and most important their feedback. This could help in understanding the challenges and pain points that you can use as a hashtag to reach out to wider audience.

Chatbots to generate leads

Chatbots have always been a good source to provide excellent customer service but do you know that they also result in generating leads. Solving and answering general queries by AI chatbot can help in saving a lot of time and generating right number of leads.

Review Sites

When your organization have best reviews, it automatically shoots up the lead generation. Most likely people buying any product or service they prefer to check user’s feedback. So, plan and have a strategy to include some excellent reviews by the customers on the site. This will result in lead generation flow simultaneously.


Software as a Service company face many challenges in generating the right number leads but with right efficient lead generation strategies one can outreach the customer worldwide.

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