Is your Marketing Strategy backed by the Right Data?

Admin Apr 14th, 2021

Smart quick decisions by the marketers is the new normal. Every organization needs right marketing strategy to reach the right prospect and convert them into a customer. As a result, organizations are investing more and more into marketing analytics to adapt the latest marketing strategy. The marketing strategy that stands out to make decisions based on data is data-driven marketing strategy. Below are few tactics, marketing teams should use often to better orient themselves to know more about what their customers are experiencing, and which strategies are working good for them.

Published on with data source Ascend2 and Research Partners says, almost 51% of the respondents said that data-driven marketing helps them to make critical decisions. The right analysis could help in providing correct insights to the marketer resulting in driving the campaign in result-oriented direction.

CMOs of various organizations have invested heavily in marketing analytics, as they believe it could result in making their decisions successful.

So, what do you think – Is your marketing strategy backed up by right data?

As a marketer, following the right data-based strategy should be the only approach to make marketing approach efficient and effective.

Below are few key takeaways:

Analyze Simple Set of Data

Analyzing simple set of data or pilot data will help you in interpreting huge data by making task easier and simpler. This process will result you in making right business decisions.

Narrow Down Your Audience

Every marketer wants to reach out to larger audience but remember reaching out to a relevant audience is more important than reaching out to the ones where you have less chances of conversions.

Collect the right data of the prospect whom you think can be your prospects and make the effective use of this by analyzing and gaining useful insights for preparing your next marketing strategy. Adding some facts by the industry specialists and experts can increase the credibility to your email.

Identifying the Right Capture Moment

Identifying what is the right time to capture the moment and collect valuable insights from your customer. One must analyze the trigger point that made the customer to research about the services and product similar to what you are offering, and how could you motivate them to buy your product. Navigating the customer easily would also result in countless instances.

Data and Technology

What is the point of making strategy if it does not reach to the audience using smartphones? As a marketer, you need to collect this data which would help you design content that is optimized for mobile phones.

Watch out for Your Competitors

Even if your competitors are not performing so well, keep a watch on them. They might result in putting up a strategy that would work great as well for you. Try to implement those strategies with the aim of trial-and-error method. If it works great if not it will add up to your failed one strategy database. Why it failed and what could be the alternative to it?

Marketing Automation

In the era of big data, marketing automation is popular now. With a huge amount of data getting churned, a highly productive marketing team can also face challenge of analyzing the bulk of data. Salesforce, an American based software organization, found that almost 52% of the customers are likely to switch the brands if the organizations does not make effort to personalize communications with them.


A right marketing strategy backed by quality data can make you reach your target safely. Therefore, data-backed marketing strategy has resulted in helping to find the right solution to generate revenue and sales.

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