How to Boost Your Sales Campaigns with the Right Database?

Admin Dec 27th, 2018

The success of the sales campaign greatly depends on the lead information and other sales related data stored in a database. Without access data, you would lose most of the sales opportunities. According to Salesforce consulting companies, there are different ways in which sales campaign can be improved by choosing the right database.

Analyzing old data

The historical sales data is like a goldmine of information. You can get a strategic advantage by using this data and improve sales effort at every sales funnel. For example, you can know which tactics worked best and you can improvise these tactics as per current sales campaigns needs to achieve success.

By using historical data, you can gradually refine your sales approach for different types of customers and achieve an increase in conversion. In order to do this, you need to select the right database that can provide easy access to all your sales data including past leads, sales transactions, opportunities in one place. Historical sales data can prove useful to identify high-value targets and allocate adequate resources to potential opportunities and new leads.

Optimize Pricing

Pricing is an important aspect of a sales campaign. Ask any sales campaign head and he/she will agree the pricing is one of the biggest challenges when introducing a new product. If the pricing is too high, it will drive away customers and if it is low, it will erode your profit margins and sometimes even customer perceptions. Hence, you need to strike the right balance in terms of pricing. In addition to external research, you can scan your database for past transactions and customer base.

The database can be connected to Salesforce CRM. Using the analytical tools in Salesforce CRM, you can segment customers based on different price points and reach an ideal price range based on each customer groups demand, behavior and price tolerance. By combining both external and internal data, you can get the insights needed to determine the right pricing for the product that helps you maximize sales potential.

Visualize Data

Raw data available as records is not useful for analysis. This is because it is time-consuming to sift through huge volumes of data and interpret useful information to boost sales campaign. You need a database that can provide you with a centralized dashboard to view data and perform the analysis. The dashboard should show past data and real-time data in a visual and dynamic manner which makes it simple to reference data to make critical decisions to boost sales campaign.

Salesforce is advanced CRM software that works with wide range of relational databases like NoSQL, Oracle, and PostGRE SQL. According to Salesforce consulting companies, the efficiency of the Salesforce CRM can be greatly enhanced by choosing the right database.