Everything that you can do being a NetSuite Customer

Admin Feb 5th, 2019

NetSuite software is an online service that integrates the numerous functions of a business, like E-commerce, Supply-Chain Management, CRM, Business Intelligence, Accounting, Inventory Management, Human Resource, into one complete system. It is a cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which is a business management software used by all kinds of businesses to manage and automate their business by amalgamating all of the information and data in a single and simple platform, which makes the business smooth and less complex. NetSuite Customers are spread all over the world with the United States having 87 percent of them. With over 12,000 customers spread over 100 countries managing their business all over the world with NetSuite, it is a very popular and powerful software with an award-winning financial management system. 

NetSuite users enjoy several advantages and manage their business beneficially by reducing their IT cost by almost 50 percent. The top 9 benefits you get being a NetSuite customer are listed down below.

1) With a balanced and integrated software, NetSuite covers an entire range of solutions customized particularly for individual companies and provides one solution for the entire business. From CRM and eCommerce to Inventory and Advanced Warehouse Management, Services Resource Planning, Human Resources, and Professional Services Automation, NetSuite has it all in one combined suite.

The cloud-based ERP system of NetSuite allows organizations and businesses to manage costs and optimize accounting efficiently, eliminate manual reporting and automate the key processes which are encountered in daily operations.

2) NetSuite has real-time dashboards which help business managers and executives enhance their decisions making capabilities. These customizable dashboards are enjoyed by organizations who are NetSuite Customers which enable them to see the statistics that are most pertinent to them and hence increases visibility. Employees and business executives can spend more time analyzing and acting on data and less time gathering it as the dashboard provides data from all the departments.

3) Huge amounts do not have to be spent on infrastructure and IT staff by small or medium-sized companies who cannot afford to do it as NetSuite is a cloud-based ERP software and has a much lower entry barrier and affordable rates.

4) Operating over the Internet, the NetSuite software can be accessed anywhere and anytime through a web browser or NetSuite’s app. This means the NetSuite customers can have access all day and night, whether they are at home or in the office.

5) With different platforms for different industry sizes, NetSuite has a customizable software which the customers can personalize according to their needs and preferences. Customization and business process management within the NetSuite can be done by using SuiteFlex developer tools. By using this, companies with unique requirements are catered to.

6) One of the most important benefits one can get using NetSuite is its security. While the security of cloud apps has long been a very controversial subject, NetSuite has successfully brought up software with a highly secure platform. Safety being such an important aspect of ERP system, the company has the resources to continue investing in keeping data safe.

7) NetSuite software allows and supports companies to be multinational. It also supports multiple languages as well as multiple currencies which allows the ERP system to be much more feasible to the multinational companies.

8) Being 99.99 percent uptime, NetSuite is extremely reliable as the software balances load very efficiently and minimizes the time taken for updates.

9) NetSuite grows alongside your company. As a company grows, they just have to add additional users to the already existing subscription and minimizes the hassle of managing a large infrastructure change.

There are numerous more advantages experienced by NetSuite users. NetSuite has helped several companies manage their projects and is still continuing to grow gradually and spread its name all over the world.