Email Tactics to Improve Customer Retention

Admin Jan 12th, 2021

Increasing competition has made customer retention a challenge. To engage customers new approaches and tactics are being implemented by the organizations in the best possible way. AI and Big Data have made it easy to discover and track what people buy and based on which recommendations on next purchases will drive the retention up.

a) According to Emarsys, 81% of retail professionals still rely on email as a driver for customer acquisition, and 80% for customer retention.

b) Emarketer did a survey where 56% of marketers considered email marketing to be the most effective method of reaching customer retention goals followed by social network marketing

c) 37% of retail professionals in the U.S. have said that re-targeting drives customer retention, 21% said that affiliates drive customer retention, and 18% said that referral marketing drives customer retention.

B2B marketers still believe email marketing is the most effective channel in generating revenue.


Because it is personal and trackable. Key elements that influence the retention of any customer is:

a) Attracting the ideal customer who will get maximum value from your product(s) and who will stick around for a long duration

b) Not all customers who engage with you will buy your product. In the world of online and technology putting a card detail for a free trial does not mean they are going to stick around. You must make sure that every customer takes the key activity that represents them as an active user.

c) Acquiring the right customers and following up regularly to use your product and services again. Ensure you spend a lot of time to maximize retention

Welcome Emails

Right after someone signs up or creates an account, a welcome email to your audience can help you introduce yourself and more about your brand. This can also help you from not getting unsubscribed or spam.

This can offer a friendly introduction to the customer along with a brief about product features and if they have some queries, they can be directed to the help center.

Friendly Reminders

A friendly reminder at right time will make a repeat customer. Service-based and B2B businesses can use reminders to upsell and cross-sell. Some of the popular ways of how e-commerce stores use retention and reminder emails:

a) Remind shoppers of the product left in their cart or maybe even offering a discount to tempt them back to the checkout

b) Personalized product recommendations for individual shoppers

c) Sending customers, a reminder for their repeat purchases just before they are ready to shop

Providing an exclusive coupon code can help you convert your prospects.

Review Requests to Existing Customers

Asking for feedback on a recent purchase is a multi-purpose strategy. Showing customers that we value their opinion is the way to keep improving your business and the service you offer. This can help in engaging her audience and collect valuable insights.

Feedback on public platforms such as Google my Business, Amazon, etc. can also be used for verified customers or buyers. Through this, the new subscribers will be more encouraged to know other’s opinion. A positive public review is good for the online reputation and SEO of an organization.

Thank you and Appreciation Emails

A well-timed and implemented thank you note on email can go long way. This opportunity can also be used to point out additional resources, offer a discount on the next purchase, and support contacts.

Key Takeaways

1. Make your prospects feel welcome from start to end

2. Building your segmentation on customer activity

3. Audit your Automated emails

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