Demand Generation vs Lead Generation – What is the difference?

Admin May 17th, 2021

Struggling to generate leads due to business calamity caused by the pandemic? As an organization revamping up the process will result in overcoming these hurdles.

Yes, it is challenging but not impossible!!

Tables can be turned in your favor if right efforts are carefully put.

It is important to find out the root cause of the problem and to your surprise the solution will also be in front of you. The most effective is to improve the lead generation strategies and demand generation to churn out the maximum leads which are qualified and convert them into customers.

What is Demand Generation?

Demand generation can be defined as placing the best limelight on the services for subjecting it to a wider customer base. With the help of technology execution, the marketing strategy is highly driven by data. It helps in achieving the target at right time and results in creating awareness among the new customers to make the new offering of the organization.

Do you think data-driven marketing is important for any business?

Yes, it is very crucial for any organization. Based on the right data of the customer to promote it services and brand on the platform, it helps in making logical decisions for the business. For a demand generation process it is important to understand what you want to achieve by developing the strong base of data. Track the right points in the lifecycle by integrating the systems. Thoroughly test and visualize the results.

Benefits of Demand Generation

1. Increasing brand awareness

2. Relevant positioning

3. Customer retention

4. Aiding inbound marketing

5. What is Lead Generation?

The next process after demand generation is lead generation. Different tactics and approaches are used to pull the prospect down into the sales funnel. The whole process involves around the customer by nurturing them and convincing them to purchase your quality services and product.

Where demand generation is more of delicate marketing, lead generation is aggressive where high number of quality leads need to be generated to move on to the next stage.

Benefits of Lead Generation

1. ROI Contribution

2. Increase in sales and profit

3. Targeting the right customers

4. Increase the revenue

Systematic approach and planning are required in the lead management process. High quality leads will be given top priority with the right process which will make the process more manageable.

Utilizing the content creation and marketing automation can accelerate the lead generation process such as sending welcome emails, resolving basic queries of the clients with the help of chatbots. This will result in getting the right prospect who are more likely to buy your product or services. This will also result in improved ROI and overall results in the lead generation process.

Therefore, both the approaches are equally important to reach the right prospect in their own way.

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