Basic B2B Sales Fundamentals

Admin Jul 29th, 2021

With the more tools coming in with more data to connect with the prospects, B2B sales has gotten easier than few years back. But the problem with the sales teams is that they get used to fancy tools and reports which make them forget about the fundamentals of B2B sales. Despite with all the new powerful tools, there is no substitute for B2B sales fundamentals.

Approaching B2B sales in post-covid world is more about tight budgets, and minimal in-person meetings. Today we carry the information in our fingertips. As a result, prospects are coming to sales with far more information that before. This has changed the sales process but not the fundamentals.

You need better leads

If the salespeople do not have quality leads it will get difficult for them to sell. And more is not always better. So how to find prospects that are interested in what you have to offer. Asking for referrals from current clients or customers who offer same solutions. Leverage tools like Packed Data Exchange to find the right organizations, contact and personalize based on needs and interests. Making an ideal list of the customers in industry for omnichannel approach to reach out. A combination of email, phone, LinkedIn, voicemail can help you reach and convert the ideal customers before they make a reach to you. This can help in providing expert advice and building trust with people in the same industry.

Build Genuine Relationships

Read any sales guide and you will only come across that sales are all about relationships. Gone are the times when expensive gifts and lunches were a thing about building relationships. Today it is only about building online relationships. And a genuine relationship must be real and truthful. There is a thing in social media where we tend to share everything perfect about our lives, pictures and how great everything is. But very few get real and share their real insights about the challenges and struggles they face to achieve that one target.

Ask right B2B sales questions

Using a data-driven sales approach can help in improving profitability but asking the right questions can be more effective. Listening to the answers can help a brand with critical information. Below are few questions that can help inform B2B sales process:

1. How did you find our solution?

Understanding what matters the most for your prospect is the key to gain a trusted prospect. For example, if they have heard about your brand or services from a trusted partner, they are likely to value your reviews and case studies more than the others.

2. What solutions have you tried?

Understanding more about a solution which can highlight the pain points of the user can help you scale more.

3. Budget

It is important to know how much budget a prospect is likely to spend can help you to focus on value and cost savings.

Questions likes these make it easier to provide the right information which can help in improving the efficiency of the sales process. It is important to listen.

 Measure and Improve

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. Despite the change in the metrics, it is important to know all kind of metrics to the top customers. Understanding more about them who they are, what their needs are and where they come from can help in improving. Along with this it is also essential to understand the metrics where did the prospect drop off?

Based on the business type it is crucial to use metrics that matters to the business and test new strategies. One should never stop tracking and tweaking to build an effective sales process.

Understanding the importance of the fundamentals of B2B sales is more than ever. A lot of strategies have been upside down due to COVID crisis. Lack of events, in-person meetings have damper on sales. Focusing on fundamental sales is the best way to stay focused and streamlined.

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