B2B Marketing Trend to Shoot Sales in 2021

Admin Jun 21st, 2021

You might have observed on and off sales cycle of customers nowadays.

With the current pandemic hitting hard on economy, even the customers are bearing the brunt along with the marketers. Although the challenges for both are different, but the outcome for both is loss. Due to this the marketers are pushing the boundaries of already established marketing strategies. To reach the target they are having the best marketing plan.

According to Smart Insights almost 76% of the B2B professionals have a formal marketing plan and 56% of the professionals said they would like the combination of both outsourced and in-house. They chose this because in these uncertain times it is difficult to predict which strategy would work good for their business.

As stated by Milan Kundera: “Businesses has only two functions – marketing and innovation”

Therefore, it makes complete sense for the organizations to work completely on a different model during the pandemic.

Popular B2B Marketing Trends for 2021:

Email Marketing

No other marketing strategy has been as phenomenally successful as email marketing. With companies planning to cost-cutting, email marketing is found as a safe and reliable communication mode. According to a research almost 81% of the small businesses rely on this marketing channel for the acquisition of their primary customer.

Content Marketing

There is no comparison to the fresh content. An innovative style of presenting the content to readers who do not have patience to read could turn around things for you. Remember, good content can push your marketing strategy to next level; you need not try hard.


Be it large enterprises or small, chatbot have become an integral part of customer service in all organizations. To fill the void of 24/7 customer service, there is no alternative to chat bot. The high importance to customer’s challenges, and satisfaction cannot afford unreachable for a fraction of a second.

Therefore, the chatbots do this mechanical job with great efficiency with AI involved in it. Proper programmed chatbots can provide relevant answers to customer’s satisfaction which results in business revenue. The top industries which have hugely benefitted from chatbots are healthcare, finance, travel, and real estate industry.


Personalization looks simple, but it needs more ideas and research to be successful. The more you personalize more you engage with the customers. It makes a way to the hearts of your customer. A great engagement can lead to a fulfilling customer experience.


As you can see in above picture almost 66% of the marketers have stated that implementation of personalization has improved business performance and customer experience resulting in keeping the customer for a longer period.

Process Automation

By automating you can not only streamline the process but also reap the benefits out of it. The technology helps in making the connection faster at right time. You can start with automating the welcome emails, and personalized cart abandonment emails. This will help in shooting up the email at the right time.

Keeping the Customer Back

Every existing customer is a valuable customer. Ignoring even one can result in loss, therefore it is important to find out ways to hold onto customers. This type of marketing is called as retention marketing where the strategy includes approaches, the content, and others to develop a relationship with customers. This help in gaining loyalty of the customers towards your brand. According to a research, 5% of the boost in the customer retention rate can increase the profit between 25% to 95%. Therefore, it is important to develop the right strategy to retain the customers.


Many marketers have adjusted to the new normal but there are many who still are struggling. This is because their strategy needs to be revamped to meet the changing requirements of the market. Best tactics suitable for the business can play a long game in today’s digital world. So, act wisely.

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