Are you Selling to new B2B buyer?

Admin Apr 20th, 2021

It is a fact; selling has never been easy to a new B2B buyer. Improved alertness in the market of more options, chances of expanded sales conversions in a short span has become a task. The number of businesses involved in B2B has led to rise in purchasing, lengthening of B2B sales cycle, and increased expectations for salespeople. As per Harvard Business Review, a standpoint approach could boost the probability of the purchase, as the customers felt more comfortable with this approach.

But do you think this is applicable in all scenarios?

Not actually, as buying decision exclusively does not depend on one person in a B2B industry. A complete hierarchy of decision-makers is engaged to give the final nod to sign the deal. With such a tricky way, how do representatives keep their sanity to reach the target?

There is no secure and specified answer to this but yes there are ways and hacks which have worked wonders. Below are few tactics to alleviate the marketing challenges:

Social Media Connections

To be visible to new audience B2B organizations are making their presence on the social media platform resulting into right B2B connections. As an industry expert they are sharing good content and helping in answering the relevant questions. Considering it is a good initiative it is important to remember that you must be genuine about promotional activities. Customers are smart enough to recognize false promises, therefore do not make claims that cannot be completed.

Mark Fidelman, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at Fanatics Media made a statement:

“78% of the salesperson using social media outsell their peers.” So, it turns out to be an essential part to improve this approach for delivering outstanding results. –


The above picture explains different aspects of social selling such as research, social listening, research, content development, acting on data, competitive watch.


One cannot ignore this part when it comes to selling. Alike other industries B2B industry have same importance of recommendations. Customers want to know how the service have helped businesses accomplishing their tasks and challenges. So, it is essential to make a point that your current customer is completely satisfied to suggest your products and services to others.

Finding the Right Decision-Maker

As many decision-makers are involved in a B2B deal, finding the one whose decision outweighs the other is essential. This would result in decreasing the complication of the entire process and reduce the sales cycle resulting in increased conversions at targeted time.

B2B sales cycle is not the same it was a year ago. It is not complex for the sellers but also the buyers feel the same challenge. With more tough requirements, the buyers are checking whether the service is completely allying with their process or no.

77% of the buyers found their latest purchase difficult as per Gartner report, because of B2B decision which had a great effect on the process, and results of the organizations.

So not only one needs to find the crucial person in the decision-making strategy, but also convince them of the higher output with integration of service.

Including Valuable Information in Sales Pitch

To meet the needs of customer sales representative, draft a best sales pitch before reaching out to the customer. The key points to be included to it are:

1. What customers know about you?

2. How could your service help their business accomplishments?

3. What are your future goals?

To set the right ambiance these introductory points could be used and later the pitch can be modified with the flow.


Content is not only for the marketers. The power of content marketing can be used by the sales representatives too. A lot has been talked about the sales and marketing alignment, where sales need to learn the basics to attract prospects via the quality content. (

Knowing the fundamentals of sending the right content aligned with the business interests of the buyer could make work easier. Various forms of content such as blogs, white paper, case studies, infographics can be sent to the high-end customers.

Train your Representatives

Finding the best opportunity can only be done by reskilling every representative with the right technology and practice. According to a CSO finding, sales representatives who have received proper reskilling and training achieve almost 73% of their target. –


When you understand the pain points of your customer, half of the task is resolved. And then you can move on to the next step to convince them with best techniques and tactics.

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